For many, feelings of shame or guilt for eating in ways that are at times out of control, can absolutely lead to depression, anxiety, hopelessness and compromised health. Unfortunately, what can happen is that in order to not feel those bad feelings, we overeat again and again, and a vicious cycle ensues. We may feel stressed or down about something and we reach for food to deal with the negative feelings. Our mood may improve, but only temporarily. Then we feel badly about binging and we use food all over again to feel better. This type of eating pattern can be extremely frustrating and lead to low self-esteem and even self-loathing.  An important element of the Paleo Shrink Program is to look at you, how you feel and what you do with your feelings.


Today so many of us would like to be leaner and healthier, yet that wish frequently seems beyond our grasp. In the USA today, 2/3 of the adult population is either overweight, obese or grossly obese. There are many reasons for overeating and/or poor eating choices. 

"Cravings can get the best of any of us. The Paleo Shrink will help you tone down those urges."

In addition, we may overeat, particularly processed foods that contain carbohydrates, such as cookies, bread, cake, pasta, etc., because we crave those carbs. Our mood is fine, but we just want that treat and we’ll go out of our way to get it. Eating fast food, for example, containing sugar, fat, and salt can light up our brains in a similar way as nicotine, cocaine, gambling and more.


Did you know that many processed foods created by the food industry can frequently lead to addictive types of eating behaviors? The more carbs we eat, the more we want. This kind of eating is not about feeding our hungry bellies. Instead, it’s about satiating our cravings. Unfortunately, emotional and addictive qualities of eating frequently overlap and join forces. This makes it even harder for anyone to stick to a program successfully and have the weight loss results you want that will last a lifetime. Sheer willpower is frequently not enough to handle the dynamic forces described above especially as time goes on. Lose weight today, only to gain it all back and more at some point in the future. Sound familiar?


It may seem impossible to change how you look and feel about yourself! However, there is a way out of this disordered and frustrating eating and living style and it’s with the Paleo Shrink Program. As the Paleo Shrink, I understand about emotional and compulsive styles of eating. I also get that certain foods are actually extremely addictive and impact our brains in ways that have us consuming way more food than we ever intended. With the Paleo Shrink Program, you can expect expert counseling, supportive insight and information, strategic goal planning and coaching, and a custom tailored approach, all geared toward improving your self-esteem and motivating you into gaining the health, body and overall satisfying lifestyle you’ve always wanted. The Program does not endorse starvation dieting by any means. Instead, clean, nutrient dense, single ingredient foods are introduced as one way to help fight against cravings, burn fat and regain health. The Paleo Shrink Program is well-rounded and comprehensive and has been designed to keep you on the path of success for a lifetime. 


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Perhaps you’ve already heard about eating in the Paleo or caveman/woman style? More and more reports have been coming out in the media these days about people going Paleo. On the other hand, if you haven’t yet heard about living your life and eating in this ancestral manner, you’re certainly not alone. 


While Paleo eating has been around for millions of years during the Paleolithic era, as a society we’ve since gotten very far away from eating in this basic, non-complex, natural way. Given the fact that the Paleolithic era went on for so long, our bodies have become well adapted to this manner of eating. This is why people are doing so well eating the nutrient dense, real foods that comprise the Paleo eating style. Just as a car will run best when filled with quality gasoline, our bodies thrive and run best on authentic, clean food. Consequently, reducing body fat, becoming lean, stabilizing your mood, etc., are greatly enhanced when nourishing ourselves with what nature intended and has to offer.

"Becoming lean like our Paleo ancestors is not as far fetched as you might imagine."

With the Paleo Shrink Program approach, I’ll be with you every step of the way. By integrating my extensive postgraduate training in counseling, my 2 decades of being a therapist, as well as my personal journey and experiences related to becoming healthier through clean eating and safe movement, I’ve designed the Paleo Shrink Program to help you bridge the gap from being overweight or obese to living a healthy, lean, clean and happy life. I know inside each and every one of us there is a lean person waiting to come out. The Paleo Shrink Program is about supporting you to get the barriers to success out of the way. It’s about allowing you to gain access to your real self and well-being, including your mental, emotional and physical health. While fat loss is a goal for most, the Paleo Shrink Program is not about becoming ultra-thin. Rather, your particular body type will be taken into account and respected. Your personal fat loss goals for a comfortable, healthy and safe body size will be explored and strategic plans to achieve and maintain your goals will be developed.

Whatever your personal circumstances, if you’re interested in reducing body fat, becoming leaner, stabilizing your moods, alleviating depression and anxiety and/or improving your overall state of health, then please check out the remainder of this site. If you’re like the many who’ve already tried to change for the better with only limited or short-lived success, click here to see the Program page and learn more about the Paleo Shrink Program and what it offers. Willpower or no willpower, you’ll see how the Paleo Shrink Program can be the key to your very own emotional empowerment, health and leanness success. 


In short, expect nothing but the best when working with the Paleo Shrink. My name is Susan D'Addario, MBA, LCSW, I am the Founder of the Paleo Shrink Program and I am ready to help you find your health, leanness and happiness.