I started the new program in late September and have been on it for over 3 months now and I can honestly say it has made a big difference. The program involves a combination of coaching, education, eating and exercise. Since I have started this program I feel more energized, no longer have a "crash" in the late afternoon but most importantly I feel good about myself. Unlike most diets where I was exited to get started, I found that I quickly went back to my old ways and bad habits. This is NOT a diet. It is an actually a lifestyle program. I have become more educated about food in general, both the right ones to eat and the ones to try to avoid, as well as learning how the different foods affect my body. I understand better how to control cravings and also know that sometimes it is ok to give in to a craving as long as you don't give up! In addition to knowing about how the different foods impact my life, I found that the exercise programs are simpleand easy to do and I enjoy doing them. However, none of this would have been possible if it were not for Susan's excellent coaching skills. I think of the Paleo Shrink as my life coach. Susan helps you in understanding how the choices you make affect your life and provides options and solutions that help to get you back on track. Look none of us are perfect and who can't use extra help in achieving your goals especially when it comes to being healthy and getting into shape. Susan is a true "coach" which is why her program works as well as it does. Best of all about this program is that it does not matter how old you are or think you are this program works! So if you want to feel good and start living a healthly life or you just want to start seeing results then you need to try this program because it works!