What are the goals of the Paleo Shrink Program?


The Paleo Shrink Program is a comprehensive and personalized program. Your needs, interests, as well as what point you’re at emotionally and physically and more, all help direct and shape the flexibility and direction of how the Paleo Shrink Program will work for you and with you.


You might be excited to get started and have already initiated positive changes in your life to support good health and a lean body. On the other hand, you might be longing for a change, but don’t know where or how to start. You may not believe you can possibly make a change because you’ve tried to be healthy and thinner countless times before. You may have even lost weight, but then you gained it all back and more. Your self-confidence and/or motivation may be low and you might also feel depressed, stuck and/or anxious, helpless and hopeless. The Paleo Shrink Program is about making and adopting positive, long-term change.


What can you expect as we work together?













You can see what others have to say about their experiences working in the Program in Personal Successes. So, should you decide to participate in the Paleo Shrink Program, please bring your drive and ambition, as well as your sense of humor. All will guide you down the road to your own personal success story!


What does the Paleo Shrink Program include?


The Paleo Shrink Program includes, but is not limited to:


  • Working with a client’s ambivalence and behavior change.

  • Developing a person’s sense of belief in himself or herself.

  • Introducing easy to follow meal and snack ideas.

  • Measuring your body composition (body fat percent, water retention, lean muscle development and proportions, etc.) periodically to track changes and make adjustments to strategies and goals.

  • Providing education and materials on multiple wellness topics including:

    • The effects and reactions of dopamine and endorphins on our brains;

    • The influence of food on our hormones, and, consequently, the impact on our ability to burn fat vs. store fat; and,

    • An understanding about cravings and establishing techniques to deal with them.

  • Identifying current habits which are detrimental to your well-being and learning to override them with newer, more adaptive ones.

  • Helping you to look at and embrace your support systems of family, friends, colleagues, health professionals and others in all areas of your life, as well as assisting you to develop a strong network of support should that be lacking.


What options for working together are available in the Paleo Shrink Program?


The Paleo Shrink Progam offers structure to individuals who do well with clear guidelines and direction. Should you not be comfortable with a formalized Program, a freer floating version of the Paleo Shrink Program will be offered to suit your personal style, interests and needs. Rest assured, all the same valuable information and techniques for change will always be available to you. 


The Paleo Shrink Program also offers a variety of groups to further enhance your abilities to grow and change. Some of the groups are:


Support Groups

Book & Video Discussion Groups

Women’s Groups

Couples' Groups

After Care Groups


Also, from time to time, special guest speakers are invited to present to the Paleo Shrink community.   





At the Paleo Shrink Program, you can expect to learn more about yourself and why you do the things you do on a more profound level.  While there is plenty of hard work involved, both in and out of the office to accomplish your goals and make changes, you can also expect to have some fun. While seriousness, perseverance and commitment are all highly important, so is lightheartedness and not being afraid to laugh. Making a change can be challenging, but making a change can also be fun and very motivating in and of itself. 

How is the Paleo Shrink Program structured?


For those who want structure, a 3-staged plan with a beginning, middle and end will be offered as follows:


1.  Introduction and Getting Started.

We will go over your history and general background regarding your past and present eating styles, moods, family life now and earlier, cultural, socio-economic influences, your relationships, past and current stressors, etc., to have a clearer picture of who you are, where you’ve been, and where you’d like to get in your life. Your first body composition analysis, including fat percentage, will be recorded which will assist in the creation of your personal goals. Individualized strategies for success will be created in order to allow you to make the changes you’d like to make. Information will be provided to empower your mind and raise your awareness as to why you’re continuing to do things that are self-sabotaging and hurtful to your body and soul.


2.  Working Your Plan.

The Paleo Shrink Program will continue to support, monitor and expand the changes you’ve already made during Part One. During this phase, work will be done to modify bad habits and develop newer, healthier ones. A variety of written and interactive exercises will be introduced to broaden your ability to eat in the new ways you chose. Some of these exercises include: the Circle of Life Chart, Allies & Foes Discovery, Expect the Unexpected, and much more. The establishment of supportive networks will be up for discussion and experimentation. It’s extremely important that whatever benefits you reap in the Paleo Shrink office evolve and become ingrained into your everyday world.


3.  Moving Forward.

A continued goal will be to maintain the progress you’ve already made during the Paleo Shrink Program. It is also understood, however, that you may experience disappointments in your desired behaviors. Whatever set-backs occur, they will be explored and viewed as an opportunity from which you may learn and grow. And, we will go over strategies to get you back on track when you’ve hit a bump. These strategies will be something you can take with you as you become more independent and move on from the Paleo Shrink Program. Therefore, a main goal during the last phase of the Program, is to support your autonomy, independence and confidence as you move forward in your life with your new skills and identity. Though the Paleo Shrink Program will come to a conclusion at a time that is appropriate for you, the doors will remain open for any After Care Services, should you wish.  

Is there an approach within the Paleo Shrink Program that is a bit less structured?


Of course, if you’d prefer to work in a less structured style, your interests, needs and concerns will all be addressed and taken into consideration. The Paleo Shrink Program offers flexibility and customizability with regard to your areas of focus, written exercises and/or assignments, duration of time dedicated to the diverse sections of the plan (to match your needs and strengths) and more. 

As noted in the About Susan section of this site, with my 2 decades of experience working with a very broad spectrum of people, a tremendous strength and asset that comes with the Paleo Shrink Program is my ability to personalize and tailor the plan to many types of situations and people. At the Paleo Shrink, that’s what is delivered; comprehensive treatment for the comprehensive individual

"Unscramble your hopes with the Paleo Shrink Program and all that it has to offer."