Jay T.


"I started seeing Susan in May of 2013, one month after I had done a Whole 30. The reason for doing the Whole 30 was primarily to lose weight. Between spring and summer of 2012 I had lost 30 pounds, then hit a wall. I could not make any further progress and relegated myself to thinking that's how my body was supposed to be because I was of a certain age and unable to lose weight the way I did years ago. 


Before doing the Whole 30 and seeing Susan, I was over 180 pounds, over 23% body fat. I felt OK, especially after the 2012 weight loss, but not GREAT. As I write this, even the day after Thanksgiving, I stand at 155 pounds and 14.5% body fat, figures I never thought I would see in my adult life and feel better than ever! I didn't even weigh this in high school 23 years ago! Susan has COMPLETELY changed the way I see eating and health, ALL in good ways!!! My diet is cleaner, my cravings for unsavory foods are FAR lessened, and my overall attitudes toward eating and exercise are vastly improved.


While I saw Susan primarily for weight and fat loss, I know people of all ages and builds can benefit from this program. If you're looking for weight loss or realignment, muscle gain, body fat loss, or a turnaround to the way you see eating, Susan is perfect for you!"