Jeanne N.


"I have a job that requires me to work 24/7 and I’m often in the presence of incredibly tantalizing foods. I never met anything with sugar that I did not think was manna from the gods! Those deliciously artificial colored sugary flowers on top of birthday cakes? Bring them on! As my waistline expanded and my self-esteem diminished, I realized that I had to do something…but what was left? I had done them all from Weight Watchers to Jenny Craig to Dr. Atkins, etc, etc. None had sustainable effects.


And then I met Susan D’Addario. With her gentle guidance, helpful and tasty alternatives to my unhealthy choices and her

non-judgemental position, I began to lose weight and craft a healthy body. What made this weight unique is that the pounds I lost were largely pounds of fat, not water and not muscle. Susan has this amazing, scientifically advanced machine that calculates the type of weight lost, muscle strength in each of your limbs which is called your segmental lean analysis, inner and outer cellular total body water, etc.


Susan is like a personal trainer for your taste buds! She helps you build food muscles that you didn’t know you had! She has an incredible wealth of knowledge and helps you to modify old, destructive food habits through education, support and most importantly for me, results!"