When I first came to Susan to begin discussing my eating habits, weight, and possible alternatives, I was a bit skeptical at first. Not about her commitment level to the program she was developing, but to my own ability to make these seemingly drastic food-choice changes in my life. What worked best, however, was talking through these issues with her to better understand how I could push through.


My need to change my diet wasn't based on the necessity for drastic weight loss, but simply a desire to look better and feel better. Shedding that last 5-10 pounds of belly fat seems to be tied to the consistent delivery of interval training paired with the right nutrition and here was a program that points me in the right direction. I immediately saw results (6 lbs of body fat lost within a 6 week period) and, although I continue struggling to move the last 5-10 pounds of fat, the program has convinced me of the benefits of eating clean. I will continue to make healthier choices and to try different ways to stimulate fat loss. When I first started to cook without grains and as I was limiting my carb intake to less than 100 grams per day, I compared the urge to eat bread or French fries to my battle with smoking (which I quit after 13 years in 2005). This really helped me focus on finding food choices that were going to make a difference.


I love to cook and the program rekindled my love of being inventive in the kitchen. Soon, my mid-day "low blood sugar" moments, spurred on by hunger, disappeared entirely. I found myself drinking less coffee even and having energy throughout the day. Susan has helped me see that food choices can be controlled and that they must continue to evolve as we gain more insight into how our bodies respond to nutrition. She helped me to connect the dots, in some cases, about how my poor eating habits are linked to larger issues of which I can be more self-aware.