Jeanne N.


"I have a job that requires me to work 24/7 and I’m often in the presence of incredibly tantalizing foods. I never met anything with sugar that I did not think was manna from the gods! Those deliciously artificial colored sugary flowers on top of birthday cakes? Bring them on! As my waistline expanded and my self-esteem diminished, I realized that I had to do something…but what was left? I had done them all from Weight Watchers to Jenny Craig to Dr. Atkins, etc, etc. None had sustainable effects.


And then I met Susan D’Addario. With her gentle guidance, helpful and tasty alternatives to my unhealthy choices and her

non-judgemental position, I began to lose weight and craft a healthy body. What made this weight unique is that the pounds I lost were largely pounds of fat, not water and not muscle. Susan has this amazing, scientifically advanced machine that calculates the type of weight lost, muscle strength in each of your limbs which is called your segmental lean analysis, inner and outer cellular total body water, etc.


Susan is like a personal trainer for your taste buds! She helps you build food muscles that you didn’t know you had! She has an incredible wealth of knowledge and helps you to modify old, destructive food habits through education, support and most importantly for me, results!"




Jay T.


"I started seeing Susan in May of 2013, one month after I had done a Whole 30. The reason for doing the Whole 30 was primarily to lose weight. Between spring and summer of 2012 I had lost 30 pounds, then hit a wall. I could not make any further progress and relegated myself to thinking that's how my body was supposed to be because I was of a certain age and unable to lose weight the way I did years ago. 


Before doing the Whole 30 and seeing Susan, I was over 180 pounds, over 23% body fat. I felt OK, especially after the 2012 weight loss, but not GREAT. As I write this, even the day after Thanksgiving, I stand at 155 pounds and 14.5% body fat, figures I never thought I would see in my adult life and feel better than ever! I didn't even weigh this in high school 23 years ago! Susan has COMPLETELY changed the way I see eating and health, ALL in good ways!!! My diet is cleaner, my cravings for unsavory foods are FAR lessened, and my overall attitudes toward eating and exercise are vastly improved.


While I saw Susan primarily for weight and fat loss, I know people of all ages and builds can benefit from this program. If you're looking for weight loss or realignment, muscle gain, body fat loss, or a turnaround to the way you see eating, Susan is perfect for you!"




Louise C.


"Of all of the reasons I wanted to see Susan, weight loss was not one of them. But, quickly I found out that fat hanging around even when it does not show is not healthy. For me her explanations of why paleo works encouraged me as much as her positive attitude.


Although Susan eased into working on a new life style, the basics were clear from the first session. Because my osteoporosis is a concern, she gave me suggestions of foods to eat and not eat. Every meeting was personal. Each session I found it easy to tell Susan what I had eaten (even if it was ice cream), and in her non-judgemental way, she came up with alternative healthy choices.


Since seeing Susan, I have loss fat and gained some muscle. I must say my body feels light and stronger."




Rafael D.


"I gained over 60 lbs in a period of less than two years.  I kept checking in with my doctor, explaining that I did plenty of exercise and I thought my diet was clean enough, yet we could not figure out what was wrong. Then in the fall of 2012, I found a lump in my chest. Fortunately, the lump was benign, but the weight gain was real. The scare with the lump triggered a series of tests so we could pinpoint what was going on. In the end, the two biggest cuplrits were a severely low testosterone count and my thyroids were not functioning correctly. With the guidance of a specialist, I started my journey to getting back to where I once was.


At first, the weight loss was quick, 20 lbs in 45 days. Soon after, I found myself on a long plateu. Even though I thought I was eating cleanly, my doctor told me I needed to shake up my diet. I don't remember exactly how Susan and I connected on the subject of weight loss, but in the end, it was meant to be.


With Susan guiding me, I have shaved off an extra 30 lbs. Not only does Susan take the time to listen, she has educated me on how the pressures of my daily routine can negatively influence my food choices. And that can ultimately have a negative effect on my body. Along the way I had a series of hiccups and had I not been working with Susan, I probably would not have caught the subtle changes my body made in reaction to how I was feeding it.


In the end, we all have our own needs and challenges when it comes to getting/staying on track. Having Susan guide me on this journey has been esssential. I could not have come this far without her."




Scott D.


"I underwent an amazing transformation due to the guidance and support of Susan D'Addario, the Paleo Shrink!


I was close to 240 lbs and unhappy with how I looked and felt. I had done a number of different diets throughout the years, none of them stuck. The catalyst was when I tore my left calf muscle playing football and I was bedridden for close to 3 weeks.


I realized I needed to make a significant life change otherwise I would gain even more weight. I called Susan and told her I'd like to start the program. Susan suggested a few books to review and we began our sessions. Within a few months, I lost 36 lbs. Her patience and guidance enabled me to reach my goal.


The main change to my life paradigm that Susan showed me was that change is not a straight line, it's a zig-zag. Sometimes you take a few steps forward and a step back, but it's still progress. I now sleep better, have more energy, feel better, and like the way I look."




Mark B.


"When I first came to Susan to begin discussing my eating habits, weight, and possible alternatives, I was a bit skeptical at first. Not about her commitment level to the program, but to my own ability to make these seemingly drastic food-choice changes in my life. What worked best, however, was talking through these issues with her to better understand how I could push through.


My need to change my diet wasn't based on the necessity for drastic weight loss, but simply a desire to look better and feel better. Shedding that last 5-10 pounds of belly fat seems to be tied to the consistent delivery of interval training paired with the right nutrition and here was a program that points me in the right direction. I immediately saw results (6 lbs of body fat lost within a 6 week period) and, although I continue struggling to move the last 5-10 pounds of fat, the program has convinced me of the benefits of eating clean. I will continue to make healthier choices and to try different ways to stimulate fat loss. When I first started to cook without grains and as I was limiting my carb intake to less than 100 grams per day, I compared the urge to eat bread or French fries to my battle with smoking (which I quit after 13 years in 2005). This really helped me focus on finding food choices that were going to make a difference.


I love to cook and the program rekindled my love of being inventive in the kitchen. Soon, my mid-day "low blood sugar" moments, spurred on by hunger, disappeared entirely. I found myself drinking less coffee even and having energy throughout the day. Susan helped me to connect the dots, in some cases, about how my poor eating habits are linked to larger issues of which I can be more self-aware."




Sammy C.


"I started working with Susan in May 2013. I contracted Lyme disease in 2007 and have had autoimmune problems for the past several years, and had been trying a number of restrictive diets in order to reduce inflammation and improve my energy, range of motion and sleep and decrease mood swings.


Though I had experienced modest successes in the past with different programs, I found a month of Whole30 (Paleo) eating to be most effective and that is what brought me to Susan. She has helped me explore new options for keeping the Paleo way of life exciting and full of variety, recommending food choices and recipe ideas I had not previously encountered. With her help I have also been able to exercise more consistently than ever before; she has coached me in considerably increasing my lean muscle mass, which has been a lifelong struggle for me with my body type.


Susan's "whole life" approach is what appeals to me most; she encourages her clients to live up to their potential. We set goals and evaluate progress consistently, focusing not on how far I have to go, but on the progress I've made and strengthening my resolve through visualizing completion of those goals. She continues to give me the support I need as I work toward increasing my energy and productivity and finding solutions to my physical pain, which in turn keeps me in a positive mindset and improves my quality of life all around!


Whether you struggle with physical pain as I do, with weight loss issues or simply want to find a way to live healthier, Susan has the knowledge and highly motivational approach to help you live the life you want! I highly recommend her program!"




David C.


"I started the program in late September of 2013 and have been on it for over 3 months now and I can honestly say it has made a big difference. The program involves a combination of coaching, education, eating and exercise. Since I have started this program I feel more energized, no longer have a "crash" in the late afternoon but most importantly I feel good about myself.


Unlike most diets where I was excited to get started, I found that I quickly went back to my old ways and bad habits. This is NOT a diet. It is an actually a lifestyle program. I have become more educated about food in general, both the right ones to eat and the ones to try to avoid, as well as learning how the different foods affect my body. I understand better how to handle cravings and also know that sometimes it is okay to give in to a craving as long as you don't give up!


In addition to knowing about how the different foods impact my life, I found that the exercise programs are simple and easy to do and I enjoy doing them. However, none of this would have been possible if it were not for Susan's excellent coaching skills. I think of the Paleo Shrink as my life coach. Susan helps you in understanding how the choices you make affect your life and provides options and solutions that help to get you back on track.


Look, none of us are perfect and who can't use extra help in achieving your goals especially when it comes to being healthy and getting into shape? Susan is a true "coach" which is why her program works as well as it does. Best of all about this program is that it does not matter how old you are or think you are, this program works! So if you want to feel good and start living a healthly life or you just want to start seeing results then you need to try this program because it works!"