I started working with Susan in May 2013. I contracted Lyme disease in 2007 and have had autoimmune problems for the past several years, and had been trying a number of restrictive diets in order to reduce inflammation and improve my energy, range of motion and sleep and decrease mood swings.


Though I had experienced modest successes in the past with different programs, I found a month of Whole30 (Paleo) eating to be most effective and that is what brought me to Susan. She has helped me explore new options for keeping the Paleo way of life exciting and full of variety, recommending food choices and recipe ideas I had not preciously encountered. With her help I have also been able to exercise more consistently than ever before; she has coached me in considerably increasing my lean muscle mass, which has been a lifelong struggle for me with my body type.


Susan's "whole life" approach is what appeals to me most; she encourages her clients to live up to their potential and doesn't go easy on folks, but that is a great thing! We set goals and evaluate progress consistently, focusing not on how far I have to go, but on the progress I've made and strengthening my resolve through visualizing completion of those goals. She continues to give me the push I need as I work toward increasing my energy and productivity and finding solutions to my physical pain, which in turn keeps me in a positive mindset and improves my quality of life all around!


Whether you struggle with physical pain as I do, with weight loss issues or simply want to find a way to live healthier, Susan has the knowledge and highly motivational approach to help you live the life you want! I highly recommend her program!