I underwent an amazing transformation due to the guidance and support ofSusan D'Addario, the Paleo Shrink!


I was close to 240 lbs and unhappy withhow I looked and felt. I had done a number of different diets throughoutthe years, none of them stuck. Susan had mentioned to me that she wasstarting a nutrition program and I expressed interest.The catalyst was when I tore my left calf muscle playing football and I wasbedridden for close to 3 weeks.


I realized I needed to make a significantlife change otherwise I would gain even more weight. I called Susan and told her I'd like to start the program. Susan assigned me a few books to read and we began our sessions. Within a few months, I lost 36 lbs. Her patience and guidance enabled me to reach mygoal.The main change to my life paradigm that Susan showed me was that change isnot a straight line, it's a zig-zag.


Sometimes you take a few steps forwardand a step back, but it's still progress. I now sleep better, have moreenergy, feel better, and like the way I look.