Professional Services & Fees 

Making a change, even a positive change, can be quite daunting. Moreover, going at it on your own can add stress to an already challenging situation. The Paleo Shrink Program can be your foundation and jump start to a renewed, healthier, leaner you. Please check out the following Paleo Shrink Services that you may find helpful.

"It feels good to have hope. Engage in the Paleo Shrink Program and you too may be pleasantly surprised."

For starters, make sure to take advantage of the FREE, initial consultation! This is an opportunity to meet with the Paleo Shrink for up to 50 minutes to ask questions, have your body composition analyzed and learn more about how the Program may be of help. At no cost, you can determine if the Paleo Shrink Approach is your ticket to success, health, happiness and a new lean you!

Treatment for:


Individuals                                                           50 minutes                                                          $125


This involves working one-on-one with the Paleo Shrink. The sessions will be focused exclusively on you and your strategies to success. Depending upon your needs and interests, the work will be in-depth and encompass a thorough understanding of you, your habits, needs and goals.


Couples                                                                50 minutes                                                           $150


Open to all couples who would like to understand ways of eating and living together more healthfully. Strategies to becoming one another's support system will be explored.


Families                                                               90 minutes                                                           $200


These sessions are for families of all ages and address the challenges presented to healthy eating and living given the different needs, food interests and lifestyles of each family member. Inspiring children to eat a healthy meal is frequently challenging.


Groups                                                                  Varies                                                                 Varies


Some groups are open and others are closed, but all will be structured in ways to enhance a positive environment to reap encouragement and support. It's very empowering to hear others share their struggles and to know you're not alone.

Insurance Reimbursement


Paleo Shrink sessions are reimbursable with many health care insurance companies which allow for out-of-network 





Payment may be made at the time of service by cash, check, credit card or online via PayPal.




Please call or email here for information or to request an appointment.  I will get back to you promptly.